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Touchmark at Coffee Creek Resident Stories

At Touchmark, our residents experience The {FULL} Life on a regular basis. View our {FULL} Life Calendar.

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Josephine Spencer

Josephine Spencer greets each day with her infectious enthusiasm. “When you have the kind of active lifestyle I have, there’s no such thing as an average day,” she says with a smile.

Stan Stewart

Family was the main draw for Stan Stewart when he moved to Touchmark. “I wanted to live closer to my son,” he says. When he and his son first visited Touchmark, he was impressed with the different levels of care available.

Carolyn and Bill Hines

Planes, Trains & Automobiles is a popular movie, but if you add a motorcycle, you get a good idea about how Carolyn and Bill Hines like to spend their time.

June Hunter

When June Hunter decided to move to a new home in a new city, she didn’t quite know what to expect. But one year later and happier than ever, she continues to live her life to the fullest.

Edwin Ternes

Life has been good for Edwin Ternes since making Touchmark his home in December 2014. “Every day is a good day here,” he says.

Juanita Ryan

Savoring good food, books, and friends. Since moving to Touchmark in 2013, Juanita Ryan has fully embraced the Touchmark lifestyle. Her days are filled with meaningful pursuits, healthy living, and enriching relationships—interests nurtured over decades.

Bob and Kathy Ramsay

There is hardly a corner of the globe nor an adventure in Bend that Bob and Kathy Ramsay have not explored. And as Touchmark residents, they continue to embrace the {FULL} life.

Sally and Rich Bradbury

Enjoying a full life of fitness, friends, and travel Sally and Rich Bradbury are packing their bags again. This time, they’re heading to Palm Desert for a couple of weeks to visit friends.

Neal Gamsky

Success{FULL} role model Dr. Neal Gamsky describes himself as “a high-energy person.” The 84-year-old leads an active life with Irene, his wife of nearly 60 years.

Caroline Deinema

Filling her days with enthusiasm Caroline has converted one of her bedrooms into what she calls her “activity room.” In it, she has her loom and spinning wheel, her sewing machine, and her computer.

Dorothy Krogen

Focusing on fun—and family history. Dorothy has a Bucket List she’s working her way through. The last big item is a hot-air balloon ride, and she’s determined to take that ride.

Meet Paul Kimble

He aims to “live life to the fullest” Paul’s exuberance for life is contagious. That’s because Paul wants to make every day as good as it can be—for himself and for everyone around him.

Jean and Max Jenkins

The last two years have been especially busy for Jean and Max Jenkins. In 2013, they celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary and their 75th birthdays with a series of once-in-a lifetime adventures. 

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Clara Braun

Since moving to Touchmark in the fall of 2011, Clara has taken advantage of nearly every exercise class, social event, group activity, and bus excursion offered. In fact, if it's on the Touchmark Full Life calendar, Clara has probably tried it!

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Joan and Bill Geenen

Joan and Bill Geenen celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in October 2011. Bill says that many people started asking them what their secret to a successful marriage was.

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Joan Schnettler

Joan welcomes all of today’s technology. “It’s wonderful,” enthuses Joan when she talks about getting texts from her loved ones. “I bought an iPad and am going to the technology classes Touchmark offers to learn more about how to use the iPad."

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Catharine and Bill Byrd

This couple has walked in all 50 states and eight foreign countries. Catharine and Bill Byrd have always shared a love of travel - especially on their own two feet. In addition to each state in America, the couple has participated in walks in Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Japan, Denmark, and Luxembourg.

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Joyce and Jim Holter

Fascinated with the past - and living a full life. Their cottage home is inviting, warmly decorated to reflect their Scandinavian heritage.

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Jim Nelson and Marilyn Ring-Nelson

Married for 35 years, Jim and Marilyn enjoy walking and traveling, and they are avid readers and book lovers! Before their love of books turned into love for one another, Jim had lived in Reno. For years, he was a political reporter and sports editor...